Elitech Data Loggers for Life & Science

Elitech data loggers are designed for continual monitoring of temperature and humidity in sensitive medical products. With outbreaks of virulent diseases, adopting a strict and reliable cold chain management process is a necessity.
Humidity and temperature data loggers provide a real-time access to this crucial data in life science applications. Whether you are dealing with temperature-sensitive materials such as tissue samples, vaccines, blood, drugs or test samples in laboratories.
Both wired and wireless Elitech data loggers help monitor storage and transportation equipment 24/7. They have replaceable battery that last for more than 2 years.
The data loggers record and transmit any temperature fluctuations and activate an alarm whenever the temperature exceeds recommended threshold. Elitech data loggers feature multi-alarm configurations. The alert setting is in the form of an email, SMS push or flashing red LED light.
You can pack Elitech data loggers with the medical products to give a complete time record during any cold chain supply system. They are small in size and lightweight.
Elitech data loggers are easy to use and offer a perfect solution when shipping medical products in third world countries. They will provide a comprehensive temperature and humidity information. This guarantees safety and help improve shipping and storage in life & science applications.

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