Depending on the temperature, and the vitality of the vaccine may be adversely affected to varying degrees, such as vitality and decreased immune effect of the vaccine will be greatly reduced. This requires the vaccine cold chain distribution, in order to ensure that consumers get in the hands of the vaccine did not reduce spoilage and vitality. In recent years, our children vaccinated produce adverse event occurred, and vaccines which are directly related to improper preservation, strengthening the vaccine cold chain transport and storage is a priority.
Professionals, the vaccine is a special drugs, strict requirements on the temperature in the transport and storage should avoid bright light, exposure, impact of high temperature on the vaccine, the vaccine is generally the most suitable temperature is 2-14 ℃, long-term storage temperature is 2-8 ℃, safest and most effective way is stored in a special vaccine cold box.
Elitech temperature and humidity control system is connected to the respective managers mobile phone, once the temperature exceeds the range of 2-8 ℃, the system will automatically alert.

RCW-400A is a data logger with four channels of temperature or humidity detectors (more details in specification), It has the advantages of wide temperature  measuring range and high measuring precision. RCW-400A communicates with Cold-Chain Cloud on Internet. The LCD screen displays.
Current working state,the recording capacity and the recording data. It can alarm by buzzer or by the SMS.Users can view and download data of temperature and humidity through cloud anywhere and anytime. Users can also view data by smart phones (Support iOS and Android only).
Elitech temperatyre data logger Professional monitoring vaccine safety artifact

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