BT-3 Indoor/ Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer

Thermometer Hygrometer
Application:Measure and display indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity.Alarm function and clock function.24/12hour model switcherFeatures:1) Measure and display the indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity2) Automatically...

LT-2 Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

Thermometer Hygrometer
Application:LT-2 is a canbinet and exquisite ultra thin digitak thermometer and hygrometer. It could simultaneous display of temperature and humidity,memorize the Max.and Min.temperature and...

Elitech WT-1B Portable Pen Digital Thermometer

Thermometer Hygrometer
Application:Digital food thermometer suitable for any home or professional kitchenPortable Pen Digital Thermometer UWT-1B ,gives complete peace of mind when cooking so you can...

Elitech WT-5 Thermometer Pen Type Solar Energy

Thermometer Hygrometer
Functions:Solar power supply with standby battery;attractive appearance,thermometer head 180° rotating for an easy reading; switch between℃ and °F;temperature memory; mainly applied to foodstuff and...

DT-7 thermometer hygromete with external

Thermometer Hygrometer
Application:In indoor temperature ,press MAX/MIN key, will display the MAX indoor temperature and humidity,then press MAX/MIN key again will display MIN indoor temperature and...

DT-6 Multi Solar thermometer hygromete

Thermometer Hygrometer
FeaturesDisplay inside simultaneously and body comfort Max./Min.Temperature and humidity value memory, Switch between indoor and outdoor temperature displayed.parameter Indoor and outdoor temperature: -50°C~70°CRelative humidity:...

Elitech WT-10 Instant Read Thermometer Self Calibrated

Thermometer Hygrometer
Features:【INSTANT READ & ACCURATE】This Thermometer equip with 8 Seconds reading out speed(from 0-100℃) brings you accurate temp, prevent you from the Salmonella in cooked...

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