The basic knowledge of temperature controller

Why do we need temperature controllers?
A temperature controller is a common at home.A need to use a water heater thermostat to control the temperature of the water.A thermostat is also used in the fridge.If the temperature is too high, which is a controller to start an action to reduce the temperature.If the temperature is too low, the refrigerator will appear frost phenomenon, the controller will stop working, and let the temperature slowly picks up, make refrigerator cream.
Temperature Controllers Common Used in Industry

Common Uses in Industry

Temperature controllers are used in a wide variety of industries to manage manufacturing processes or operations. Some common uses for temperature controllers in industry include plastic extrusion and injection molding machines, thermo-forming machines, packaging machines, food processing, food storage, and blood banks. The following is a brief overview of some common temperature control applications in industry:

Heat Treat/Oven
Temperature controllers are used in ovens and in heat-treating applications within furnaces, ceramic kilns, boilers, and heat exchangers.
In the packaging world, machinery equipped with seal bars, glue applicators, hot melt functions, shrink wrap tunnels or label applicators must operate at designated temperatures and process time lengths. Temperature controllers precisely regulate these operations to ensure a high quality product output.
Temperature control in the plastics industry is common on portable chillers, hoppers and dryers and molding and extruding equipment. In extruding equipment, temperature controllers are used to precisely monitor and control temperatures at different critical points in the production of plastic.
Temperature controllers are used in the healthcare industry to increase the accuracy of temperature control. Common equipment using temperature controllers includes laboratory and test equipment, autoclaves, incubators, refrigeration equipment, and crystallization growing chambers and test chambers where specimens must be kept or tests must be run within specific temperature parameters.
Food & Beverage
Common food processing applications involving temperature controllers include brewing, blending, sterilization, and cooking and baking ovens. Controllers regulate temperature and/or process time to ensure optimum performance.

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