Elitech Temp Logger Win:For all Windows operation systems, compatible with RC-5, RC-5+, GSP-6, RC-4, RC-4HC, RC-51 & RC-51H data loggers.
Elitech Temp Logger Mac:For Mac operation system, compatible with all temperature data loggers.

Installation Instructions:
1. USB Data Loggers
(1) Models: TemLog20, TemLog20H, RC-51, RC-51H, Loget6, loget8f, loget8s, RC-5+, RC-18, RC-19, MSL-51, MSL-51H, TemLogST5.
(2) The software runs after the data logger is connected to a computer. Data can be transmitted between the software and the data logger.
2. COM Data Loggers
(1) Models: RC-4, RC-4HA, RC-4HC, RC-5, RC-61, GSP-6
A driver is required to be installed for data transmission.
(2) For models RC-4/HA/HC, the file "Silicon Labs VCP Driver Installer" in the folder "driver/RC-4" is required to be installed.
(3) For models RC-5, RC-61, GSP-6, the file "CH34x_Install_V1.4" in the folder "driver/RC-5/RC-6/GSP-6" is required to be installed.
3. After setup completed, restart the computer and run ElitechLog in the installation file.
4. The computer system version must be 10.10 and above. 


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