Elitech Data Loggers For Industry Cold Chain

Elitech humidity and temperature data loggers are used to monitor various processes in manufacturing & production applications. They monitor process parameters in real time and relay the information via USB, 3G or wireless communication systems.
Technicians/engineers can access this information on cloud platform; making it easier to analyze ambient and process temperature/humidity faster. Whether in milk, hardwood, pharmaceutical, electronics or cone crushers.
The data loggers are designed to provide accurate humidity and temperature readings about all industrial equipment and processes. They help optimize operations through temperature/humidity profiling, process monitoring, data storage/identification and fault identification.
Multi-channel Elitech temperature and humidity data loggers are ideal for small, large and dynamic industrial applications. They have a large memory capacity with a convenient data sharing interface.
So far, manufacturing industries have improved complex cold chain supply systems to ensure material integrity, achieve high process yields and improve quality of end products. The LCD displays provide comprehensive information about any industrial process. Therefore, process technicians can make timely decisions in sensitive manufacturing processes.
Elitech humidity and temperature data loggers do not require any proprietary software. Whether you opt for wired or wireless. They are easy to integrate with the existing industrial systems.
These data loggers will protect industrial processes from detrimental damage and costs associated with either low or high temperature/humidity.

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