Elitech Data Loggers For Food Cold Chain

Elitech data loggers are designed to monitor humidity and temperature of food products during cooling, shipping, storage or cooking. They help maintain temperature and humidity at specified levels and for quality verification. This is an important requirement in the FDA and HACCP safety standards.

Whether in meat processing, egg incubation, fruits storage, vegetable shipment or beverage processing; Elitech data loggers provide real-time information in cold chain management.

Generally, all food processing operations are sensitive and contamination risks must be reduced to 0%. With Elitech temperature and humidity data loggers, this risk is completely eliminated. Food processing companies can maximize on ROI, improve operations and quality; while complying with strict regulatory standards.

Elitech humidity and temperature data loggers are manufactured from food grade material with 32000 readings of memory capacity. They are equipped with a rechargeable battery allowing it to record data during power outage.

Adopting wireless technology has solved complex problems in cold chain management. Elitech wireless data loggers transmit information without human intervention. They trigger an alarm whenever temperature or humidity exceeds recommended threshold in food processing/storage. This could be in the form of SMS push, buzzer or email.

This data is stored in cloud platform and accessible via web browser or smartphone app. Data is available in PDF,word,AI or Excel.

All Elitech data loggers are designed to optimize productivity in food processing industries and to guarantee safety.

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