With the multichannel temperature (recorder)data logger industry development plan,explicitly pointed out that "twelfth five-year" period, temperature (recorder)data logger industry development strategy for "to strengthen the innovation, vigorously promotes the basis, market-oriented, broaden the fields, system innovation, optimization of structure, promoting continuously, the revitalization of industry".The rapid development of emerging industries, drive the multichannel temperature (recorder)data logger industry, intelligent technology also makes multi-channel temperature (recorder)data logger to high-end manufacturing industry transformation.Relative international high-end multi-channel temperature (recorder)data logger, our country is still at the level of development.Some high-end instrument, or after-sales service high-end instrument core technology and products performance still stay in simple production link. Levels far lags behind other developed countries. So countries multi-channel temperature (recorder)data logger industry as the "twelfth five-year" plan has important significance.In the next five years, the industry will be in the high-end products in the market as the goal, to strengthen the design, manufacture and quality inspection ability, make the domestic product stability and reliability have increased significantly; Aimed at national major projects and strategic emerging industries, expanding industry in aspects of traditional service for multiple emerging field; Vigorously promote enterprise structure adjustment, strive to build a number of "billions" leading enterprises and form the backbone of a batch of internationally competitive enterprises; To have continued to advance and long-term results of devotion, keep the steady accumulation of core technology, the forming mechanism for the sustainable development of industry. Domestic multi-channel temperature (recorder)data logger industry has long been used in traditional service market, such as metallurgy, coal and other industries. Along with the rapidly changing market demand, more and more new industry began to rise, the Internet of things, smart grid and other new technology rapid development, the demand of the food and drug safety has also been paid close attention to, the state energy comprehensive utilization, environmental protection, put forward the more strict requirements, economic development environment is changing, these are for multipath temperature (recorder)data logger industry has provided a broad market and new development opportunities.

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